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14 March 2013 @ 01:32 pm

Echo: Caroline.

+ Long time, no see (Maybe I'm talking to myself now, cuz LJ is pretty dead, but whatevs.). Well, I have been rewatching Dollhouse lately (today I watched "Belonging" aka PERFECTION) and it makes me miss this show all over again. It ended way too soon! What I love about Joss's shows is that you can rewatch them and still be entertained, they never get boring in my opinion. And you (re)discover new things/details, so even episodes like "Stage Fright" or "Instinct" who many viewers disliked more or less have also interesting bits like Echo's development. Or I used to consider "Haunted" to be rather meh, but seeing it again I actually dig the Dollhouse way of eternal life. I also liked the fact that Echo was imprinted with Adelle's friend.
And concerning today's picture, I think it's interesting that this was also how the unaired/original pilot ended. But let's save this discussion for another time...

Dr. Saunders: You can't, Victor. You can't be your best. Your best is past. A past you can't even remember. You're ugly now. You're disgusting. All you can hope for now is pity. And for that, you're going to have to look somewhere else.
Victor: I'm sorry.